Prosecutor orders probe into 'ambiguous' medical certificate that led to executive's release

One of the medical certificates detailing the health problems that led to the release from prison of a power company executive is vague, ambiguous and not supported by evidence, a Supreme Court prosecutor said in an appeal Friday.

Aristides Floros, former managing director of power supplier Energa, was recently diagnosed with a disability rate of over 67 percent due to epileptic seizures and other health problems, allowing his release. However, according to the order by prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou, judicial authorities in the Evia town of Halkida have been asked to re-examine the entire case.

Her order said that the ruling lacks the proper documentation and doesn't specify how the disability was calculated. This, according to Vourliotis, makes the ruling "anything but comprehensive and convincing."

Vourliotis's order also reportedly contains a document by the head...

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