Grigor Dimitrov: I will not Play in Sofia, this is a Private Tournament

Grigor Dimitrov spoke for the first time about his eventual participation in Sofia Open 2019. Unfortunately, however, Bulgaria's number one tennis player admitted that the decision was not to participate in the Arena Armeec competition, reports Sportal. 

He stressed that he thought it was a "private tournament" and there should be no tension about his non-participation. At the same time, Dimitrov called on the state to look for other ways to support the development of tennis in Bulgaria.

"For the moment it does not look very good (the chance to play in Sofia), we decided to play Rotterdam and Acapulco, I know it may be a disappointment, but I do not see why there should be pressure for me to play in a private tournament" , Grigor told bTV.

"I do not see why there should be so much pressure on me to play a private tournament, they'll see me again, why do we have to do a private tournament if we can do more than that?" To give a chance not only to ATP players but also for ours, for the Bulgarians, and why not do more Futures and Challengers in Bulgaria? "If there is help provided, let's help in the right way," said Grigor Dimitrov.

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