The Iconic Designer Luigi Colani Dies at 91

German designer and architect Luigi Colani, who worked for industrial companies, car companies, furniture and technology companies, died in Karlsruhe at the age of 91, according to worldwide  agencies, BTA reported.

Colani was born in 1928 in Berlin in a Swiss-Polish family. He studied sculpture and painting at the Berlin University of the Arts, as well as aerodynamics at the Paris Polytechnic School. He has worked in Europe, America and Asia.

The futurist designer's portfolio included around 4,000 ideas, most of which were considered controversial and did not go into production. One of his most famous designs was for the Canon T90. The signature style of Colani's work were the round, organic shapes.

"Luigi Colani was never a fan of straight edges. "My world is round", he repeatedly said." DW Culture reported in a tweet.

Colani designed helicopters, buildings, cars, motorcycles, boats, furniture, computers. He has collaborated with Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes, Canon and others.

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