Growing and adapting

"How will you guarantee our security?" This is the first question that just about every Greek politician (and others) asks any senior foreign official of a major ally who visits the country. The question is naturally met with bewilderment. In today's world there are no protectorates or guardians as was the case in the 19th century. What there is is alliances and political unions.
Greeks tend to look upon the big powers in contradictory terms. One side of us wants to see the country as a David that is locked in an eternal battle against some Goliath. The part of Goliath is played by Turkey, the United States or Germany, depending on the timing. Another side of us, however, suffers from an inferiority complex. It is in awe of the big powers and their envoys. It expects them to provide protection and eternal guarantees for our country's security. This side of us places hope in...

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