Capturing the ever-changing icebergs of Greenland

It's an ever-changing spectacular: steep ravines and undulating curves around tips and troughs in a landscape that underscores the imposing solitude of the Arctic. "Icebergs are magnetic in every respect, evolving works of art of nature. You can watch an iceberg and in three days it may capsize, break up, change into something entirely new. The blue ice from below may appear, so that instead of being white, round and pointed, it may become emerald green with flakes of turquoise," says Fokion Zissiadis, who has captured a series of such impressive landscapes with his lens, currently on show at the Benaki Museum's Pireos Street annex in Athens.

To do so, the 64-year-old Greek photographer and explorer made four trips to Greenland, starting in 2016. He worked in the midnight sun, completely lost track of time and covered some 800 kilometers by snowmobile, exposed to perils that...

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