More than a Tonne of Cocaine Was Found in a Banana Container in Italy

More than one tonne of cocaine was seized from a banana container at the port of Gioia Tauro in the southern Italian region of Calabria. This was announced by Italian carabinieri and the financial police, BTA reported.

The container was traveling from South America and had to reach Germany. The drug found in it, totaling 1.2 tonnes, could be sold for at least EUR 250 million. 

The narcotics were hidden in 144 packs in a refrigerated container designated to transport bananas, ANSA reported.

Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese congratulated the regional Mafia Directorate, Calabrian Carabinieri and local financial police agents for the action.

According to her, this is one of the largest quantities of cocaine seized in Italy.

Gioia Tauro is the largest cargo port in Italy and the 10th largest in Europe. Cocaine trafficking in the region is controlled by the Calabrian Mafia Ndrangheta, AFP noted.

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