Social security pressure eases on workers with two jobs

Salary workers who also have a second job for which they are paid via an invoice book ("blokaki") will need to have a salary of at least 800 euros per month to avoid having to pay two sets of social security contributions.

The goals of the Labor Ministry are to support full-time employment, to simplify the system and ease the burden on workers with two jobs. To those ends the draft social security law, which will soon reach Parliament, sets out specific conditions for workers to be relieved of the double contributions the Katrougalos law would force them to pay.

The main condition will be the payment through a worker's salaried labor of the entire sum of contributions required by the second category of freelance professionals, i.e. 252 euros per month for both the main pension and healthcare. There will also be lower contributions for the first five years for workers...

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