Turkish neo-Nazi terrorism victim remembered in Germany

Mehmet Kubaşık was remembered here on April 4, 14 years after he was killed by a neo-Nazi terror group.

A small group left flowers at a memorial in Mallinckrodt, where he used to run a small bookstore.

Chief Consul of Essen, Şener Cebeci, said a small group participated in the event although there are measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

"By organizing a symbolic ceremony on the anniversary of the incident, we wanted to demonstrate our respect to his memory," Cebeci said

Kubaşık's wife, Elif, said she felt better that locations in Dortmund were named after her late husband.

The National Socialist Underground (NSU) terror group killed 10 people, including eight Turks, between 2000 and 2007.

Beate Zschaepe received a life sentence in 2018, and four other defendants were given prison time-varying from two-and-a-half years to 10 years.

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