67 employees and 14 patients at Dedinje Institute infected VIDEO

"This means that patients came to the institute without any symptoms and they've undergone surgical procedures. We operated on them with protective equipment as corona-negative patients, and in fact they were corona-positive," Bojic said.
Of the 67 infected employees, 11 are physicians and the remainder are nurses and health care assistants.
Also, Bojic said that with the 67 infected, there are no symptoms, while six have mild clinical manifestations of the disease.
"Infected employees are excluded from the work process," Bojic said.
He finds it interesting that they also tested patients who were waiting for an intervention at the Institute and who had no symptoms. Of these, 17 were infected.
"By doing so, we have confirmed that patients are fully prepared for the procedure and that they are actually infected," Bojic said.

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