Orbán revealed an open secret: If Trump returns...

The Hungarian Prime Minister, in an interview with TV channel M1, stated that Trump's plans are in line with Hungary's interests.
"He has a very clear vision with which it is difficult to disagree. He says the following: first, he will not give a penny for the Russian-Ukrainian war. That is why the war will end, because it is obvious that Ukraine cannot stand on its own two feet", said the Hungarian Prime Minister.
"If the Americans don't give money and weapons together with the Europeans, the war will end, and if the Americans don't give money, then the Europeans won't be able to finance this war on their own. Then the war will also end," he added.
According to Orbn, the United States no longer wants to finance Europe's security.
"If the Europeans are afraid of the Russians or want to have a high level of security in general, they have to pay for it. Either by building their own military and equipment or, if they use the Americans for that, by paying the price to the Americans, the price of security. So he (Trump) is speaking directly and clearly," said the Hungarian Prime Minister.
He recalled that Trump was "the first president in a long time who did not start a war during his term." "So, we already know about him, we already know from his presidency, that he is a man of peace", he said.
"And he doesn't hide his views even now: he made it clear that his goal is to bring peace to the Russian-Ukrainian war. We want a ceasefire as soon as possible. We want an early end to this war. I don't see anyone else with more determination and strength for that from Donald Trump," Orbn concluded.

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