Elections in Belgrade on June 2; Vučić: The list "Serbia must not stop" has majority

Vui pointed out that the process of constitution of authorities started after the December elections, and in accordance with the Constitution, he held consultations with all political parties.
"Three election lists, one of which is a minority list, did not want to participate in the talks. I consulted with all of them, and accepted the information that the list Serbia must not stop has a majority that is sufficient for the formation of the parliamentary majority and the government of Serbia," President said.
"I invited those who declared that they wanted to represent the majority to the talks today, in order to point out to them all the difficulties the country is facing. We have many tasks, wonderful things that we have to do. We also talked about the internal political situation, and it is important for us to position ourselves differently from the position of those who did not come to the consultation".
He stated that it is clear that we will go to the full constitution of the Parliament and that is why the session of the Assembly will be postponed for seven days.
"All elections will be held within the legal and constitutional deadline. The latest date for announcing elections is April 3. And it must be announced by the President of the Assembly, who must be elected by then. Elections from April 28 to June 2. The Belgrade elections will be on June 2. All the people I consulted with from the ruling majority are in favor of the elections being held on April 28, and it is understood that all other local elections should be held within the constitutional and legal deadlines," said Vui.
The President of Serbia stated that there was no pressure from outside to hold repeated elections in Belgrade.
"No one from Quint countries wanted...

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