The Good News: A Man from Ruse Makes Wheelchairs for Dogs and Cats

A man from Ruse, Bulgaria, makes wheelchairs for dogs and cats.

Walkers are a donation for sick, old or victims of human cruelty animals. Wheelchairs are donations for sick, old or victims of human cruelty animals.


Roro is 12 years old dog - too old for his breed. The puppy was completely immobilized, and the doctors could no longer find a way out.

Roro is just one of the 60 dogs and cats that Dimitar has helped.

The Ruse master is sought after by desperate pet owners from all over the country. With sadness in his eyes, he says that he helps not only adult animals, but also victims of human cruelty.

Dimitar has a small workshop. He doesn't take money for the wheelchairs he makes. He says that their construction and development are simple. "For larger animals, the wheelchairs are made of metal and with square sections, which are light and strong, the little ones - for the kittens, are made of aluminum to become even lighter - this is a simple construction with several belts and two wheels", shares Dimitar.

Aids for animals with disabilities in Bulgaria are almost not available. They are available abroad, but they are so expensive that in most cases they are not affordable for the owners./NOVA TV

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