Istanbul’s new luxury taxis introduced

Luxury vehicles converted from minibusses, which are intact with features such as a wheelchair ramp and roof lighting, in line with the decision made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), have been introduced.

The UKOME took the decision to convert minibusses into luxury taxis in November 2022.

These vehicles, which will hit the road for the first time, are packed with features providing comfort and safety to both the passenger and the driver.

The indication of full, available, reserved, or out of service will flash on the smart roof lights of vehicles for passengers.

Smart roof lights will be connected with taximeters. In this way, it is planned that taxi drivers will not be able to choose passengers according to the distance they will travel.

In addition, vehicles will have an emergency button for the driver. If this button is pressed, the phrase "S.O.S." will appear on the roof light. Law enforcement officers who see this sign will stop the vehicle to intervene during the incident.

Inspections will be carried out from the center of UKOME through the cameras inside the vehicle.

There will also be a security division between the passenger and the driver in the taxi, while taxis will be equipped with payment devices that can offer the option of paying with credit, debit, or transportation carts.

While the interior of the vehicles will be designed in sizes that the wheelchairs can fit, there will also be a disabled-friendly ramp in these vehicles.

For visually-impaired passengers, the information on the taximeter will be indicated by voice announcement. Taxis will also have a "braille alphabet" for visually-impaired passengers.

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