Istanbul court orders to demolish Hiranur Foundation building

A regional court in Istanbul has given the verdict to demolish the building of the Hiranur Foundation, which came to the fore with the allegation of the abuse of a 6-year-old child, on the ground that it is against the zoning legislation.

The annulment request of the execution lawsuit filed by the Hiranur Foundation against the sealing of the building in the Sancaktepe district by the Istanbul Municipality has been rejected by the Istanbul 4th Administrative Court, and the demolition start date was set for March 30.

The building of the Hiranur Foundation was sealed by the Istanbul Municipality on Dec. 12, 2022, on the grounds that it was against zoning regulations.

The lawyer of the Hiranur Foundation then filed a lawsuit for annulment of the execution. But, the Istanbul 4th Administrative Court found the municipality's appeal valid.

Announcing its decision, the court rejected the stay of execution and said that in order to suspend the execution of the administrative action, the conditions of "clear contradiction to the law" and "irreparable or impossible damages arising if the action is implemented" must coexist.

Following the decision, the demolition of the building belonging to the Hiranur Foundation in the Sancaktepe district began.

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