Share Your Experience: Social Media Company’s Content Removal During Turkish Elections

Photo/Illustration: Adem Ay/Unsplash

Were your posts marked as against community standards or was the decision taken due to Turkish court cases? Do you think that the assessment was fair?

We are looking for people, from media organisations to ordinary citizens, to share their experiences with us to help with a story that we are working on. Scroll down for information on how to take part.

The key things we want to know:

  • We would like to have insight into how many of your posts were removed, restricted, or flagged.
  • What was the reason for this?
  • We would like to have screenshots of your post/s, and social media companies' assessment for their decision.
  • Was the assessment fair and well-explained?

How to take part?

To submit your experience, just fill out the form below. The form is also available in Turkish.

You can also contact us via email:

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