Police nabs senior member of int’l gang in Istanbul

Istanbul police have apprehended one of the managers of an organized crime group actively operating in Russia, Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya has announced.

Shamil Amirov, identified as one of the managers of the "Thieves in Law," was wanted by Interpol with a blue notice of fraud, Yerlikaya said on X on Dec. 3.

"Through the meticulous efforts of the Istanbul police, Amirov was pinpointed to be residing in Sarıyer, Istanbul. The apprehension was executed seamlessly through the Kafes-15 [Cage] Operation," the minister noted.

In commending the orchestrators of the operation, Yerlikaya emphasized the unwavering commitment to purging our nation from the clutches of both international and domestic gangs. "We are resolute in our determination to apprehend each perpetrator and deliver them to the justice system," he stressed.

The detention of Amirov came after several leaders of international gangs were apprehended in Istanbul in the past few months.

Hakan Ayık, a notorious criminal on the most wanted list in Australia, and 36 individuals affiliated with his criminal organization, Comanchero, were among them.

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