Prime Minister Denkov's Six-Month Overview: Progress and Priorities for Bulgaria

Nikolai Denkov

Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov delved into a comprehensive overview of the government's accomplishments over the past six months in anticipation of the Cabinet's session. Denkov highlighted pivotal achievements, from tackling inflation to ushering in justice reforms and infrastructure advancements.

Addressing the fight against inflation, Denkov emphasized a notable drop to pre-war levels, marking a 5.8% figure this October, the lowest in two years. He attributed this achievement to measures securing consistently low prices for essential items and backing local food producers.

In terms of financial growth, Denkov highlighted that incomes have outpaced inflation, pointing out an impressive 11% rise in incomes projected for the 2024 budget, exceeding expected inflation rates.

The Prime Minister lauded the initial successes in justice reforms, citing control over the prosecutor general and the establishment of anti-corruption laws. These reforms, pivotal for Bulgaria's justice system, garnered appreciation from European partners, ultimately leading to the country's recognition and acceptance into Schengen.

Denkov stressed the decentralization of funds to municipalities as a significant step, allocating BGN 1 billion in 2024 for local projects based on construction permits and design visas, irrespective of political affiliations.

Highlighting critical investments, Denkov outlined plans for medical helicopters, new ambulances for emergency aid, and the initiation of financing for the seventh unit of Kozloduy NPP. These ventures signify strides in energy security and high-tech development for Bulgaria.

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