Survey: Athens Europe’s worst city for remote working

A panoramic view of Athens. Real estate in Greece is not expensive compared to other European countries. However, a price rally - almost 50% - within a few years has caused many problems. 

Greek social media is up in arms after a Forbes Magazine article ranked Athens as the worst European city for remote working. The article was based on a survey by a British technology services company, Brother UK, which looked at which are the best and worst cities for remote working in Europe.

According to Brother UK, Athens and Thessaloniki are the top two worst cities for remote working. Regarding Athens, it said that it is among the top 15 lowest-ranking European cities in the Safety Index, scoring 53 - 20% lower than Luxembourg, the highest-ranking city.

The Greek capital, it noted, has a Quality of Life Index score of 128.6, a Health Care Index score of 57.5, and a Happiness Index score of 5.93. The company's research was based on data from Numbeo and

Luxembourg's capital and Olomouc in the Czech Republic topped the Remote Worker...

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