Bulgaria's Defence Chief Addresses Unprecedented Security Challenges at Annual Conference

@Ministry of Defense

During the annual Chief of Defence Conference, Bulgaria's Defence Chief Admiral Emil Eftimov underscored the significant challenges facing the Alliance and the democratic world, characterizing the current security environment as the most dangerous and unpredictable since the Cold War. Admiral Eftimov emphasized the critical need for investment in security, asserting that such investment is foundational to the functioning of all socio-economic sectors. He further stressed the importance of collective defense as a means of ensuring equitable burden-sharing among allies and promoting the sustainable development of member states.

In today's landscape of heightened strategic confrontation, Admiral Eftimov highlighted the myriad challenges confronting both collective and national security and defense. He particularly emphasized NATO's primary responsibility to protect and defend the territory of its members, as outlined in Article 5 of the Washington Treaty. Admiral Eftimov also referenced Article 3 of the treaty, which underscores the imperative for member states to maintain and enhance their individual or collective capacity to respond to armed attacks.

The conference aims to address the challenges associated with national planning, conduct, and procurement of operations within the framework of allied defense plans. Notable speakers at the conference include Chief of Staff at NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Admiral Joachim Ruhle, who will join via video teleconference. Additionally, Major General Wilhelm Grun, Deputy Chief of Staff Support of the Allied Joint Force Command Naples, and Lieutenant General Athanasios Garinis, Commander of the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Greece, will participate remotely.

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