The movement We - the Voice of the People fell apart: Nestorović made a decision

As stated in the announcement, they left the movement after certain misunderstandings among the members of the leadership.
We quote the announcement in its entirety:
"During the transformation process of the movement 'We, the Voice of the People', certain misunderstandings occurred within the leadership, the group of seven founders, and Dr. Branimir Nestorovi and Aleksandar Pavi demonstratively left the We - Voice of the People Movement yesterday, on February 20, 2024
In the shadow of misunderstandings and insinuations against some of the founders, Dr. Branimir Nestorovi then ultimately demanded that he be the president of that party, even though it was agreed to remain with the original principle of collective leadership consisting of seven founders.
At the vote, that ultimatum of Dr. Nestorovi was not supported by the majority of the founders, and he then demonstratively left the Movement, followed by Aleksandar Pavi.
The movement, however, continues with its planned work and transformation into a political party. It will be managed by the Council of the Movement, which consists of five founders, Prof. Sinia Ljepojevi. Dr. Mitar Kova, Prof. Dr. Jovan Janji, Branko Pavlovi and Dragan Stanojevi,
Therefore, in the work of the Movement, everything remains as before, and the planned goals are achieved. In other words, the attempt to break the movement failed and the work continues without those who tried to break it. Time will show what were the real motives and goals of breaking the Movement".

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