Taliban Conducts Public Execution at Afghan Stadium

In a chilling display of authority, the Taliban carried out a double public execution at a stadium in southeastern Afghanistan, shocking thousands of spectators who witnessed the killing of two convicted individuals. According to reports by the Associated Press, the Taliban's Supreme Court had ruled that the two men were responsible for separate stabbing attacks resulting in the deaths of two victims.

Identified as Syed Jamal from Wardak province and Gul Khan from Ghazni, the convicts faced execution following orders from three separate courts and Taliban supreme leader Haibatullah Akhundzada. Despite attempts by religious leaders to persuade the victims' relatives to forgive the convicted, they remained resolute in their pursuit of retribution.

Crowds gathered outside the stadium in Ghazni city's Ali Lala area, with many attempting to gain entry to witness the executions firsthand. As the proceedings unfolded, fifteen shots rang out, marking the fatal end for the two men. Ambulances swiftly transported their bodies away from the scene.

Today's events mark the third and fourth public executions since the Taliban's ascension to power in 2021 amid the chaotic withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. The resumption of such brutal practices has drawn sharp criticism from the international community, with the United Nations condemning the Taliban's adherence to public executions, floggings, and stonings.

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