Borissov Sounds Alarm on Pre-Election Maneuvering

The leader of GERB, Boyko Borissov, has raised concerns about the growing pre-election atmosphere in Bulgaria, stating that it is detrimental to the state's interests. Borissov's comments come amidst heightened political tensions and discussions surrounding a proposed memorandum put forth by the We Continue Change party.

In his remarks, Borissov criticized all political parties for behaving as if they were already in an election campaign, emphasizing that this approach does not bode well for the country. He specifically disagreed with We Continue Change's characterization of their proposed memorandum as a mere working document.

Expressing his interpretation of the situation, Borissov highlighted his understanding of We Continue Change's intentions, suggesting that their focus on certain ministerial positions, particularly the foreign ministry, was indicative of a strategic political maneuver. He pointed out discrepancies in their stance, citing instances where the importance of ministerial exchanges was emphasized, leading to suspicions about their true motives.

Borissov also lamented the hostile political environment, where parties engage in attacks, insults, and maneuvering, while simultaneously advocating for reconciliation. He expressed his party's readiness for the upcoming elections and criticized what he perceived as a premature election campaign by all political factions.

The GERB leader concluded by underscoring the detrimental effects of the ongoing political posturing, asserting that it would not yield any positive outcomes for the country.

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