Vucic: I hope we will bring Louis Vuitton to Serbia by 2026

PARIS - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday in Paris he hoped French luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton would open an office in Belgrade by 2026 and noted that the move would be significant for the Serbian economy and tourism industry.

"We hope Louis Vuitton, too, will finally come to Serbia, to Belgrade Waterfront, in 2026. We have fought so hard for that. Louis Vuitton is a flagship brand and when Louis Vuitton comes, then all the other big brands come, too," Vucic said after a meeting with representatives of the French business association MEDEF International.

"So I believe we will have Louis Vuitton in our capital in two years' time, and that it will be another boost after all we have been doing ahead of EXPO 2027 that will mean a lot to our country symbolically as well," Vucic said.

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