Telegram Founder Pavel Durov Breaks Silence in Exclusive Interview with Tucker Carlson

In a rare and highly anticipated move, Pavel Durov, the enigmatic owner and founder of the social platform Telegram, has emerged from years of relative seclusion to grant his first interview in a decade. The conversation, conducted by American journalist Tucker Carlson, offers a captivating insight into Durov's journey, his vision for Telegram, and the challenges he has faced along the way.

Published on Carlson's profile on the X platform (formerly Twitter), the interview delves into Durov's decision to relocate to Dubai following pressure from the Kremlin, stemming from his refusal to compromise the independence of Vkontakte, the social network he co-founded, to Russian authorities. Durov's upbringing, marked by a move from Leningrad to Italy and later back to Russia, lends context to his resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

With an estimated fortune in the billions, Durov's steadfast commitment to Telegram's principles shines through as he underscores its role as a beacon of freedom of speech. Boasting nearly 900 million users worldwide, Telegram has emerged as a symbol of unrestricted communication, with Durov adamantly rejecting the notion of censorship on his platform.

In the hour-long interview, Durov emphasizes Telegram's neutrality in geopolitical affairs, positioning it as a platform that transcends political divides and fosters open dialogue. Despite facing pressure from both Russian and US authorities, Durov remains steadfast in his commitment to maintaining Telegram's integrity and independence.

The conversation sheds light on Durov's principled approach to wealth and material possessions, with the billionaire revealing a deliberate aversion to ostentatious displays of affluence. Preferring a lifestyle free...

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