Dacic takes over as Serbia's new interior minister

BELGRADE - Serbia's new Interior Minister Ivica Dacic took over from his predecessor Bratislav Gasic at a ceremony on Tuesday.

Dacic, who is also deputy PM, wished the citizens that they have as little to do with the police as possible and said his goal was for the Interior Ministry to be the government's best ministry.

"You know what our tasks are - to ensure security, safety and stability of the country, to safeguard the constitutional order and fight crime unsparingly," Dacic told Interior Ministry personnel attending the ceremony and added that the tasks also included "everything else that is a part of the Interior Ministry's scope of work."

According to an official statement, Dacic noted that national and state interests were also a priority for the Interior Ministry even though it also had to carry out day-to-day activities.

"There is no strong...

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