Bulgaria's President and Pope Francis Discuss the Urgent Need for Peace in Ukraine

"This requires awareness, a great deal of reason, and the concerted efforts of the international community to seek peaceful solutions based on international law. I expressed a position similar to His Holiness, emphasizing that it is time for reason to prevail. We must prioritize diplomacy because we've seen that peace cannot be achieved through economic and military means alone. It is finally time for diplomacy," stated Radev.

During their meeting, Pope Francis extended wishes of health, peace, prosperity, and more children to the Bulgarian people.

"In light of Europe's general aging, the Pope, a person of deep scientific knowledge and high culture, emphasized the importance of providing our children with a good education, but not just any education. It should be tied to upbringing, ensuring that our children grow up with respect and knowledge of our history, language, literature, traditions, and culture. He said, 'Let your young people be more firmly rooted in Bulgaria,' and he also stressed the need to take better care of the elderly," Radev commented.

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