News archive of December 2018

Splendid palace of Middle East comes to light in Turkey's Harran

Excavations at the 9th century Harran Palace in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa's Harran district, one of the world's oldest settlements and on the UNESCO's World Heritage Temporary List, have revealed a bathhouse and its details. 

A gang's 'multistore' outside AUEB

The attack on plainclothes policemen took place on the afternoon of last September 14, only eight days after Hellenic Police (ELAS) had started monitoring the foreigners who were using the main building of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) as their launchpad to sell drugs, contraband cigarettes and imitation brand items on the streets around the university.

Greece's population in rapid decline

Greece's population has declined by 360,000 in the last seven years and is projected to drop by a further 770,000 people over the next 12 years if birthrates remain at today's levels, according to recent data collected by experts at the National Center of Social Research (EKKE) and a special parliamentary committee on demographics and social affairs.

ATHEX: December, the fifth straight month of drop for stocks

A year of losses ended on Monday at the Greek bourse on a high note, as the benchmark advanced by almost 10 points albeit on a very low turnover. However this has only marginally contained the loss of some 9 billion euros from the local market's capitalization in the course of 2018, when listed banks saw their value cut in half.

Name deal to play pivotal role in 2019

With national elections looming in Greece in 2019, the name deal with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) is expected to play a pivotal role.

FYROM's parliament is expected to ratify the deal, also known as the Prespes agreement, by January 15 at the latest, which means that the ball will be in the court of Greek lawmakers.

Works to build Serbia's National Stadium start in spring

The plan is to build "an entire city" within the stadium, Mali said in his New Year's interview with the daily Blic.

He specified that the project will include "residential and business premises, a technology park, exhibition fairs, and an aqua park."

According to Mali, negotiations are already under way to bring "many world companies and retail chains" there.

"Journalists should start year with united action"

Cenzolovka's editorial board supports the solidarity action with the Zig Info portal and colleagues Milan Jovanovic and Zeljko Matorcevic.

"As we are very familiar with this case, we will provide assistance to all colleagues and newsrooms interested in researching the topics that Jovanovic and Matorcevic have started," the website announced on Monday, adding:

Greece beats the US on Serena Williams's return

Greece defeated the US 2-1 in its second round-robin match at the Hopman Cup in Perth on Monday, as Maria Sakkari and Stefanos Tsitsipas overcame the resistance of a Serena Williams-powered US doubles team for the first Greek victory in the tournament.

European Union "reiterates its message" to Pristina

"We want to reiterate EU's message that the imposition of tariffs, does not contribute towards good neighborly relations and it contradicts Kosovo's past commitments towards regional integration and the commitments subscribed to by Kosovo within the SAA (Stabilization and Association Agreement)," EU's Pristina office said, according to Pristina-based broadcaster Klan Kosova.

Tsipras: Elections in October

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras insisted to journalists that the next national election will take place in October 2019.

"I am looking for a date" on that month, Tsipras told journalists on the occasion of a New Year's celebration at his official residence.