Country: Albania
Tiranë District
Population: 418 495

Albania’s ‘Wild River’ Vjosa Declared a National Park

Albania's Tourism and Environment Minister Mirela Kumbaro announced on Monday that the River Vjosa, its banks and the land around it are now a national park with a size of 12,727 hectares.

"We have today the final decision to declare the River Vjosa, the last wild river in Europe, a national park," Kumbaro said.

Young woman travels world without money

A young woman from the northern province of Çorum, who has been traveling the world for four months without paying any bills, food, drink, or accommodation, is now in Albania, her 11th country.

Sıla Güngören, 24, set off to realize her dream after graduating from Marmara University's Law Faculty and completing her law internship.

Albanian Experts Query Rama’s Move to Revive Gambling

Experts have expressed dismay after Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama on Wednesday raised the possibility of again allowing online gambling, saying the move would be harmful and regressive.

Aacknowledging his government's failure to crack down on the industry, Rama said gambling activity had continued despite the ban his party imposed a few years back.