Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mladic Memorial Erected Near Sarajevo

A memorial plaque dedicated to the former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladic, who is on trial for genocide and other crimes in Bosnia, has been erected on the hills above Sarajevo.

Armed forces of Balkan states continue to cooperate closely

SARAJEVO - The armed forces of the Balkan states will continue to cooperate closely within the B-9 forum with a view to strengthening regional security, but also assisting each other in the crisis situations caused by natural disasters, their chiefs of the general staff concluded in a meeting in Sarajevo.

Bosnia to Start Building New Prison Soon

Construction of a modern high-standard prison in Bosnia is set to start this month after the authorities on June 4 signed an agreement with the Czech-Spanish company OHL, which is to carry out the works.

Greece seek to chart new territory past group stage

By Karolos Grohmann

A second consecutive appearance at the World Cup finals represents a huge success for a Greece side who have set their sights on going one step further than they did in South Africa and advancing past the group stage.

"Regional force" to deal with natural disasters proposed

"Regional force" to deal with natural disasters proposed

SARAJEVO -- A joint regional force for natural and other disasters is one of the topics discussed at the 8th Conference of the Chiefs of Staff Forum of Balkan countries.

This is according to Serbian Army Chief-of-Staff Gen. Ljubiša Diković, who spoke on Wednesday.

Dikovic urges forming regional force for natural disasters

SARAJEVO - General Ljubisa Dikovic, the Serbian Armed Forces chief of general staff, said that forming a joint regional force for responding to natural and other disasters is one of the topics discussed at Wednesday's 8th conference of the forum of Balkan military chiefs of general staff in Sarajevo.

Bosnia Prepares Ground for Donor Conference

The European Union, the World Bank and the United Nations, together with the Bosnian authorities, are still carrying out estimates of the damage done to the Balkan country by recent catastrophic floods.

The chief of EU delegation to Bosnia, Peter Sorensen, on June 4 said that they plan to announce the results of the probe in two weeks.

Mrkic discusses aid with ambassadors of Arab states

BELGRADE - Ivan Mrkic, the foreign policy advisor to the Serbian president, on Wednesday met with a group of ambassadors of Arab states to discuss the upcoming donor conference for aid for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Vucic: Serbia needs solidarity, assistance from EU

VIENNA - Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has said in Vienna on Wednesday that Serbia, and other countries in the region that were affected by the recent severe flooding, needs solidarity and assistance from the EU.

"Serbia with EU on Ukraine - except for sanctions"

"Serbia with EU on Ukraine - except for sanctions"

VIENNA -- Aleksandar Vučić has said that Belgrade supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and is doing everything so it can be with its EU partners.

Vučić: Serbia pillar of stability in region

Vučić: Serbia pillar of stability in region

VIENNA -- Aleksandar Vučić says Serbia was becoming "a pillar of stability in the region" and was "doing its best when it comes to the negotiation process with Priština."

Bosnian Serb Chief Blocks Money Laundering Laws

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has told Serbian delegates to the Bosnian Parliament not to vote to adopt laws on money laundering and financing terrorism, as he believes the issue should be come under the jurisdiction of Bosnia's entities.

EU doors "open to all Western Balkan states"

EU doors "open to all Western Balkan states"

VIENNA -- Austria's FM Sebastian Kurz has said that 100 years since the beginning of the First World War "we must work together to create a common European future."