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Haradinaj "could put suspending taxes on govt. agenda"

This was published by Pristina-based Koha.

"Haradinaj has, according to the valid rules, constitutional powers and law, so far addressed all issues on the agenda and will continue to deal with all issues related to the agenda," Doneta Gashi, Haradinaj political adviser, told the newspaper.

"Not time for protests, talks with Kosovo more important"

The head of the NGO said that now is not the moment because the finalization of negotiations with Pristina, which should be completed as soon as possible, is in the interest of the security of the whole region and should currently have priority.

UNSC united on issue of Pristina's taxes; Pristina: charade

During the debate, held in spite of the previous opposition by a number of members of the UN Security Council, Pristina institutions were unanimously called on to abolish taxes increased by 100 percent last November on goods coming from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Hardinaj won't let go of taxes; now "system collapse" begins

The decision to increase by 100 percent fees on goods from central Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina was made by Pristina in November, leading to a standstill in the EU-mediated Kosovo dialogue, as Belgrade is demanding the abandoning of this measure before the negotiations could continue.

Bosnians Drag Govt's Moon Plans Down to Earth

Bosnia and Herzegovina may not yet control its own skies, but that has not stopped its government, the Council of Ministers, on Wednesday from discussing exploration of the universe, including the Moon and other celestial bodies.

Import Tax Could Topple Kosovo Govt, Speaker Warns

Sharp disagreements among Kosovo officials over whether the import tax of 100 per cent on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina should be revoked have fresh sparked warnings that the government could fall and be forced to hold snap elections.

Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj is not budging from his stance that the tax will only be scrapped when Serbia recognises Kosovo.

"Trump says suspend taxes on Serbian goods; US matters more"

The fees in question, increased by Pristina by 100 percent last November, target goods from central Serbia and from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the measure has brought the EU-mediated Kosovo dialogue to a standstill, as Belgrade insist on the removal of this trade barrier.

Kosovo Considering 120-day Suspension of Tax

 Speaker of Kosovo Parliament and chairman of Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK, Kadri Veseli said the 100 percent tax imposed by Government on all imported goods from Serbia and Bosnia will not be revoked, but it may be suspended temporarily under some conditions as a good will sign towards the US and European Union, Gazeta Express reported.

Is Kosovo government about to collapse?

This scenario is realistic, explained Haradinaj, because the Democratic Party of Kosovo, led by Kadri Veseli, who is also the president of the Assembly, could leave the government.

Haradinaj told the website that he was "not afraid of elections that would occur in that case," adding that his coalition partner Veseli "could take steps to leave the government."

Bosnia's OHR Condemns Push to Rename Republika Srpska

The OHR, the international institution overseeing peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Thursday condemned an initiative by the leading Bosniak party, the Party of Democratic Action, SDA, to challenge the name of the country's mainly Serbian entity, Republika Srpska .

Bosnia State Court Charges Suspected Terrorist Fighter

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has charged Munib Ahmetspahic - who was previously acquitted of having a role in the 2011 attack on the US embassy in Bosnia - with membership of a terrorist formation in Syria.

Albania, Macedonia, Profit from Kosovo's Tariff War

After Kosovo imposed a tax of 100 per cent on Serbian and Bosnian imports, citing their attitude of hostility, Kosovo appears to be replacing imports from Serbia with those from other countries in the region.

Kosovo Customs says Albania and Macedonia have benefitted most since the tariff was imposed.

Bosniak Party to Challenge Serb Entity's Name

The largest Bosniak party, the Party of Democratic Action, SDA, will start legal proceedings before the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, challenging the name of the Bosnia's mainly Serbian entity, Republika Srpska, the SDA announced on Wednesday.