All News on Politics in Bosnia and Herzegovina

EU Urges Bosnia to Share Migration ‘Burden’ More Equally

A European Commissioner on a visit to Bosnia on Friday called for all parts of the country to share the burden of migration equally - in an implicit dig at Bosnia's Serb-led entity, which has refused to host migrant camps.

Serbian Church Picks Patriarch, Politics in Play

"It was always important for the state to have the support of the Serbian Orthodox Church for its policy, whether domestic or international," he said. "The pressure is not bigger now," Aleksic said, but Vucic's constant presence in the media makes his role appear "most important".

Yugoslav Army General Convicted of Spying for US

Belgrade Higher Court on Friday sentenced Momcilo Perisic, the former chief of staff of the Yugoslav Army and a former deputy prime minister of Serbia, to three years in prison time for passing state secrets to the United States in 2002.

Turkey Triples Budget for Foundation Established to Rival Gulenist Schools

A Maarif school in Sarajevo, Bosnia, continues education during the pandemic. Photo: Maarif Schools Sarajevo

The presidential decree hiking the Maarif Foundation budget was published in the Official Gazette on Thursday. Its annual budget is now 1.23 billion lira, or about 140 million euros. This money will come from the general budget of the Education Ministry, MEB.

IOM Warns of Growing Social Tension in Bosnia Over Migrants

The world's leading inter-governmental organisation dealing with migration has warned in a document released on Wednesday that the COVID-19 panic is adding to existing strains between host communities and migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia Election Commission to Sue Dodik for Inciting National Hatred

Bosnia's Election Commission, the CIK, has filed a lawsuit against Bosnian Serb strongman and Serbian member of the state presidency Milorad Dodik, accusing him of inciting national hatred. The crime carries a statutory sentence of three months to ten years in prison if the accused is found guilty.

US Push for Decentralisation May not Solve Bosnia’s Problems

In his current statements to the regional media, Serwer has presented some possible measures supposedly intended to reform the Dayton arrangement. His argumentation is based primarily on a call for more centralisation that would limit the powers of Bosnia's ethnically defined entities and cantons.

Delays Continue to Dog Bosnian Counter-Terrorism Policy

Infographic: BIRN 

BIRN nevertheless obtained a copy of the report, which confirms that certain key goals of the strategy were not met. As BIRN previously reported, the report confirms that no money was allocated from the state budget for implementation of the strategy, leaving it reliant on the goodwill of donors.

Croatia Returned 7,000 Refugees in 2020, Bosnian Minister Says

A minister in a Bosnian canton bordering Croatia said the EU member state had forcibly returned over 7,000 migrants and refugees to Bosnia last year, asking why his own country had not done the same to its neighbours.

"The minister is serious"; Mandatory military service next year?

"Renewal of military service possible next year" "This year, the Assembly would have to make a decision on renewing it, and since the budget has already been adopted, I assume that there are not enough funds for a larger number of soldiers, but if it is legally regulated within this year, then next year military service could be resumed," Miladinovic concluded.

HRW: Rights Endangered in Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Poland, Hungary

Human and minority rights, the rule of law and media freedom remain endangered in several Southeast and Central European countries in 2020, especially in the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, Human Rights Watch, HRW, said in its latest report published on Wednesday.

The report looks at over 60 countries, among them Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Hungary and Poland.