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Croatian Football Faces More Corruption Indictments

The Croatian State Attorney's Office in Osijek, eastern Croatia, on Wednesday filed an indictment against Dejan Lovren, a Croatian football player and Liverpool defender, for giving a false statement during the corruption trial of Zdravko Mamic, the former chief of the Dinamo Zagreb club, and three co-defendants, on September 1, 2017.

"Brothers and sisters Croats, let's do it this way..."

Dacic on Wednesday also called on what he referred to as "brothers and sisters Croats" to all focus "a little bit on the future."

Dacic said this as a response to Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic stating that "Serbia's EU path leads through Croatia," and that there are "many issues have piled up that must be resolved in order for Serbia to join the EU."

Berlin "skeptical about border correction"

Speaking in Tirana, Albania, Maas said that "there exists the fear of a domino effect," Beta agency reported, citing AP.

According to the report, "Serbian and Kosovo presidents have indicated they are ready to discuss border changes in the negotiations for a solution to the Kosovo issue."

Croatian Church Venues Host Jasenovac Camp Revisionist Events

Slovenian right-winger Roman Leljak will promote his book and film denying academic research-based data on the Jasenovac World War II concentration camp at Catholic church venues across Croatia.

"Croatia not obstacle on Serbia's EU road - it's 2 others"

According to Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List, this is what the Brussels-based website is reporting.

The daily's text, signed by Augustin Palokaj, says that "essentially the biggest 'enemies' of Serbia on the road to EU membership are actually Germany and France, that do not want to give up rules that each EU member state has the right of veto on enlargement."

Two Serb Paramilitaries Convicted of Killing Croats

Zagreb county court sentenced former Serb paramilitaries Dusan Zarkovic and Bogdan Jednak to 15 years in prison each for taking part in the killing of 21 Croats in Josevica in central Croatia in December 1991.

Balkan Conservatives Unite at Family Congress in Moldova

Conservative Serbs and Croats - normally at odds - came together in Moldova at the weekend to denounce gay rights, abortion and the decline of family values at the socially conservative World Family Congress in Chisinau.

Three Seas Initiative Summit to be unfolded in Bucharest, Sept. 17-18

President Klaus Iohannis will host the third Summit of the Three Seas Initiative, at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, September 17-18.

According to a press statement released by the Presidential Administration, the summit in Bucharest will provide a political opportunity to validate the strategic guidelines that underlie the future development of the Three Seas Initiative.

To avoid US import tariffs, guess where Chinese are moving?

Donald Trump in this way prompted Beijing to respond in kind.

In order to counter US intentions, Chinese manufacturers of a wide range of products, ranging from bikes to rubber and plastic, and textiles, have decided to move production facilities abroad. This is according to publicly available data, Croatia's Hina agency is reporting.

President Radev Awarded Madara Horseman Order to the Croatian Ambassador

President Rumen Radev awarded the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Bulgaria, Ljerka Alajbeg, with the order of Madara Horseman First Degree. The diplomat was awarded the highest state honour for her contribution to deepening political, economic and cultural cooperation between Bulgaria and Croatia.

Croatian War Criminal Serves Jail Time at Spa

Convicted war criminal Tomislav Mercep has been allowed to spend more than a month out of prison recuperating at a spa – a decision that Croatia’s veterans’ affairs minister said he supported.

Balkan Women Have Shortest Lives in EU, Report

Women from the Balkans have shorter lives than women in other EU states, according to the UK Guardian, comparing women's health in the bloc, and drawing on a new report issued by Public Health England and data from the EU statistics agency Eurostat.