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The government needs rowers

New Democracy secured a second term in Greece's June general election by promising a systematic approach to addressing public issues. However, since 2019, the party has been facing significant security challenges, making it appear vulnerable.

The benefits of a debt upgrade

It is widely expected that Greek debt will finally return to investment grade for the first time since 2010. Some minor credit rating agencies have already gone ahead with the upgrade, though none of the "big four" - DBRS, Fitch, Moody's and Standard & Poor's - have done so yet.

Greek and Croatian FMs discuss jailing of Croatian fans

The foreign ministers of Greece and Croatia, George Gerapetritis and Gordan Grlic Radman, respectively, spoke on the phone on Sunday following the jailing on remand of dozens of Croatian football fans arrested for the violence in the Athens district of Nea Philadelphia.

More than 2,000 officers assigned to sports crime prevention

More than 2,000 officers have been assigned by the leadership of Greece's police force, ELAS, to prevent violence on the sidelines of several soccer games taking place in Athens over the next few days.

Dream big and do not criticise others, Vucic tells young athletes

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Thursday received a group of young Serb athletes from Kosovo-Metohija, Republika Srpska and the diaspora and told them to "dream big as that is the only way to achieve great things."

Defenseless against horde of hooligans

The police had been informed in time about the movements of the Croatian hooligans ahead of the Champions League qualifying game between AEK Athens and Croatia's Dinamo Zagreb on Tuesday, which was postponed by European governing soccer body UEFA after a 29-year-old Greek fan was fatally stabbed in overnight clashes between rival supporters in the Greek capital.

Fan dies in Greece after clashes between rival supporters

A 29-year-old Greek fan has died after overnight clashes between rival supporters in Athens, with European governing soccer body UEFA announcing it has postponed a Champions League qualifying game scheduled for Tuesday because of the violence.

Police responds to criticism over deadly soccer fan clash

Greece's police force, ELAS, on Tuesday responded to criticism in the wake of a violent clash between dozens of soccer fans in Athens that resulted in the death of a young man, a week before the capital is set to host the UEFA Super Cup final.

Soccer hooligan clash leaves one dead

A 22-year-old Greek man died on Monday night in a violent altercation involving soccer hooligans ahead of Tuesday's match between Athens side AEK and visiting Dinamo Zagreb from Croatia.

Vučić at the Storm commemoration: "They'll never call it a crime of ethnic cleansing"

"In the last few days, we have witnessed the hypocrisy of the great powers. Today we were on Petrovaka cesta, in that saddest column, no one will talk about it. They will never tell you that it is the biggest ethnic cleansing since 1945 on this soil. They will never say that it was a crime of ethnic cleansing. They were all people, they have a heart and a soul.

Serbia, Republika Srpska sign memorandum to build Jasenovac memorial centres

BANJALUKA - The PMs of Republika Srpska and Serbia, Radovan Viskovic and Ana Brnabic, signed on Friday in Banjaluka a memorandum on a project to build twin memorial centres to commemorate of the victims of the WWII Jasenovac death camp in the Independent State of Croatia.

Vucic, Dodik lay wreaths at Petrovac Road memorial

BOSANSKI PETROVAC - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik on Friday laid wreaths at the Petrovac Road memorial near Bosanski Petrovac, Republika Srpska, erected on the site where the Croatian air force bombed Serbs who were fleeing Croatia on August 7, 1995.