Latest News from Croatia

Petrol launches its second wind farm in Croatia

Knin – Slovenian energy company Petrol has opened its second wind farm in Croatia. Ljubač, situated near the town of Knin in south Croatia, has nine turbines, which should generate around 96 gigawatts of electricity a year, covering the needs of 30,000 households.

‘Nationalists Want to Convince Croats and Serbs They Can’t Coexist’

Marijana Stojcic, a sociologist and researcher from the Belgrade-based Centre for Public History, believes that the rival official narratives about Operation Storm in the two countries, created and supported by nationalists, are being used to achieve political goals.

Slovenia’s beer trade on the rise

Ljubljana – Beer lovers, brewers, hop growers and pub owners will celebrate International Beer Day on Friday. Last year, there were 68 companies in Slovenia with beer production as their main activity, compared to only 12 in 2010, according to the Statistics Office. According to 2018 data, Slovenians consume 26 litres of beer at home on average per year.

Project SI4CARE addresses distance caregiving for elderly

Ljubljana – The SI4CARE European Social Innovation Project, initiated by researchers from Slovenia, aims to improve the process of providing long-distance caregiving for older people. They note that it is important to identify the services and technologies that are available and the demand for them.

Bosnian Croat Charged with War Crimes Dies in Croatia

Media reported on Monday that Pero Vincetic, a former member of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, died in Croatia shortly after Croatian police charged him with war crimes.

Dnevnik slams Slovenia’s Covid status checking system

Ljubljana – The newspaper Dnevnik offers congestions at Slovenia’s border crossings with Croatia last weekend as a proof in lambasting Slovenia’s management of the coronavirus epidemic and in particular the system used to check Covid-19 certificates.

Croatia Urged to Ease Path for Wronged Serbs to Gain Citizenship

The legal amendments address the problems of around 5,000 people whose parents were Croatian Serbs but were living in Serbia when they were born, when both Serbia and Croatia were part of Yugoslavia.

Turkish Govt Feels Heat as Forest Fires Wreak Havoc

Turkish officials insist they are doing everything to stop the fires but the opposition and many ordinary people have criticized the government for its allegedly weak response.

"We are altogether fighting the forest fires in our country," the General Directorate of Forestry said on Sunday on Twitter.

Mighty Serbia defeated Montenegro and chose Italy for the next rival!

The Olympic champion inflicted a heavy defeat on one of the medal candidates and chose third place in the group with a score of 3-2.
Therefore, Serbia scheduled a classic with Italy in the quarterfinals of the tournament. A clash of Olympic and world champions for a real spectacle!

Delo speculates about Janša reaching border deal with Croatia

Ljubljana – The newspaper Delo speculates about the possibility of Slovenia and Croatia reaching a deal on the border issue under the current government in Monday’s front-page commentary, finding that this could well be PM Janez Janša’s trump card in the next year’s election.

Long delays at border crossings as tourist season peaks

Ljubljana – Long tailbacks of traffic have built up at crossings on the Slovenian-Croatian border as holidaymakers from northern Europe hit Croatian coastal resorts.

Data by the national traffic information centre for Saturday midday shows waiting times of more than two hours at all major crossings for vehicles entering Croatia.

Croatia Celebrates Joining of Peljesac Bridge

The Peljesac Bridge, linking Croatia's Peljesac peninsula with the rest of the country, was fully joined together on Wednesday night, with the installation of the last, 165th segment of its steel span.

Kosovo Faces Uphill Fight in Claiming Yugoslav-Era Property

More than two decades since it broke away from Serbia in war, Kosovo is trying to claim ownership over more than 160 properties dotted around the former Yugoslavia.

So far, proceedings have been started in the case of two properties in neighbouring Montenegro totalling some 37,500 square metres in the coastal municipality of Budva.

Vučić: "I'm afraid. The atmosphere is profoundly tense"

"We are closely following the events in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. Making decisions from the outside could never bring good results. We will have a meeting with the representatives of Republika Srpska these days. We are not entering into the process of implementing measures and countermeasures. This is happening in another country... Still, we cannot leave Serbia without support. We want peace.

Croatian Right-Wingers Seek to Disrupt WWII Uprising Anniversary

The Serbian National Council, which represents Croatia's Serb minority, said on Monday that activists from the far-right Autochthonous Croatian Party of Rights, A-HSP have parked a caravan in the village of Srb decorated with symbols of the World War II fascist Ustasa movement ahead of the annual commemoration of an anti-fascist uprising in 1941.