Latest News from Croatia

150 Romanian troops participate in Saber Junction 19 exercise in Germany

Approximately 5,400 troops from 16 countries, including Romania, participate over September 3-30 in multinational exercise "Saber Junction 19" (SJ19), which is mostly carried out in the training centres in Grefenwoehr and Hohenfels, but also at the Ramstein Air Base, in Germany, reads a release of the Land Forces Staff on Tuesday.

Croatian Journalist Fined for ‘Anti-Police’ Twitter Message

Gordan Duhacek, a journalist from Croatian website, was fined around 100 euros at Zagreb's Misdemeanour Court on Monday for posted a Twitter message in July last year, which discussed police treatment of arrested people and contained the anti-police acronym 'ACAB' ('All Coppers are Bastards').

Escalating Afghan Terror Attacks Leave Balkan Govts Unmoved

Increasing Taliban attacks on foreigners serving in Afghanistan have raised questions about the safety of soldiers from Balkan countries - but, apart from Croatia, the region's governments aren't changing tack.

Tourism a Potential Lifeline for Balkan Fishing

Fortunately for Raljevic, he now has something else, a pioneering project conducted by the World Wildlife Fund and FishMPABlue2, a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund to improve the sustainability of small-scale fishing in the chronically over-fished waters of the Mediterranean.

‘Europe Recognises Balkan Anti-War Activism is Important’

Ivan Djuric, the programme director of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights' branch in Serbia, told BIRN in an interview that the organisation's nomination for the Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize is a recognition that anti-war campaigning remains necessary in the Balkan region.

Vucic on Croatia: They can freely walk throughout Serbia

Serbia's President stated this while commenting on the statement by Zoran Milanovic, a candidate for Croatia's President, who said if he won, he would "reduce the relations with Serbia to a minimum and would not allow Vucic to walk where he wanted".

"I am neither a Chetnik, nor secret collaborator of Serbian authorities"

Milorad Pupovac had read a statement in which he said that since August 23, when the last press conference was held with regards to the series of attacks on the Serbs, his concern for the rise of hatred towards the Serbs in Croatia annoyed lots of people.

Hungary’s Celebrations Over Enlargement Post May Prove Premature

He is a distinguished legal scholar, specializing in constitutional and European law. No dry academic, he is a pleasant person, with a background in diplomacy.

A two-times ambassador, to Belgium and France, he is one of those few Hungarian politicians who speak both French and English.

Balkan Oscars Hopefuls Start to Dream of Hollywood

With October 1 approaching as the deadline for film institutions in countries around the world to submit their entries for 92th Academy Awards, five Balkan states have already decided on the movies they hope will reap success at next year's Oscars in Hollywood.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: 'The Son'

Three Balkan Women Nominated for European Commission Posts

The president-elect of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced on Tuesday the names of the proposed new European commissioners, including three women from Balkan EU member states.

The proposed names will now be put forward to the European Parliament for votes on their approval.

Croatian Government ‘Silent About Threats Against Journalists’

Reporters Without Borders said in a statement on Tuesday that a series of threatening messages sent to Croatian journalists recently were intended "to attack, intimidate and smear journalists to the point of dissuading them from pursuing their mission to report the news".

Serbia's response to the Croatian reaction to Serbia's reaction

Namely, Serbian Foreign Affairs Ministry claims that Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs first refused to accept Serbia's demarche, although Serbian Ambassador had already scheduled appointment with this purpose in mind.