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Slovenia and Croatia sideline border dispute

Slovenia and Croatia have sidelined a border dispute that had loomed over bilateral relations for years in favour of a focus on areas where they can cooperate. Paying his first official visit to Zagreb on 14 July, Prime Minister Robert Golob said Slovenia remained firmly committed to the result of border arbitration but the issue would be taken off the daily political agenda.

Croatia, Italy and Slovenia agree closer cooperation in Adriatic

The foreign ministers of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy signed a declaration in the Italian city of Ancona on 10 July committing to enhancing cooperation in the management and protection of the North Adriatic, including with a view to preventing migrant boat tragedies.

June Pride Parades and the Digital Ripple Effects on LGBT Rights

Digital Fallout of June Prides: Unveiling Violations of Digital Rights

In June, Pride Parades were held, among others, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, and Croatia, highlighting the struggle for LGBT rights in these countries.

Croatian President’s Ban on Newspaper Attending Conference Slated

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic has been criticised for banning the daily Jutarnji list on Tuesday without any explanation from his press conference.

Hanza Media is the owner of several Croatian daily and weekly newspapers, including Jutarnji list, Slobodna Dalmacija and many others, which Milanovic has called "a cartel".

Serbian Photographer Exhibits Frontline Images of Bosnian War

The exhibition, entitled 'My Bosnia', includes pictures that Cvetkovic took in Skelani, Bratunac, Visegrad and around Sarajevo, as well as images of people who escaped to Montenegro as refugees or ended up in Serbia as prisoners.

Cvetkovic's picture of Serbs leaving their homes in the Grbavica and Ilidza settlements of Sarajevo, March 1996. Photo: BIRN.

Total chaos in Slovenia; If this reaches us... VIDEO

On the Zidani Most-Ljubljana route, a train derailed and ran into a landslide, while another avalanche of stones partially buried the bus, reports RTV Slovenia.
A stone avalanche partially buried and damaged a bus at the construction site of the Zagorje on Sava-Litija road, and two passengers were slightly injured.

Serbia retain 25th place in FIFA world rankings

ZURICH - The Serbia men's national football team has retained the 25th place in the latest FIFA world rankings, released on Thursday.

Serbia have 1,539.03 points - 2.49 fewer than in the previous rankings - but remained in the same position.

Argentina retained the top spot with 1,843.73 points, France are in second place and Brazil are in the third position.

Mozemo! Dashes Hopes of Croatian Leftist Alliance

There will be no left-wing pre-election coalition in Croatia to counter the main ruling Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ.

This was made clear after the opposition Mozemo! [We Can!] party announced it will go alone into the next elections, rejecting a pre-election alliance with the opposition Social Democrats, SDP.

Croatian MPs Recognise Soviet-Era Ukrainian Famine as Genocide

A memorial ceremony at a monument to Holodomor victims in Kyiv, November 2021. Photo: EPA-EFE/SERGEY DOLZHENKO.

Croatian MPs unanimously voted on Wednesday to adopt a declaration recognising the Holodomor of 1932-33 as a crime of genocide committed by the Soviet authorities against the Ukrainian people.