Latest News from Croatia

Greece retains EU's highest rate of unemployment

Unemployment in Greece dipped to 18.9 percent in August of this year, from 19 percent the previous month, but remains the highest rate in the European Union, according to figures made public on Friday by the European Commission's statistics service Eurostat.

Euro Area Unemployment at 8.1%

The euro area (EA19) seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 8.1% in October 2018, stable compared with September 2018 and down from 8.8% in October 2017. This remains the lowest rate recorded in the euro area since November 2008, according to data of the National Statistical Institute.

Fenerbahçe qualify in UEFA Europa league

Turkey's Fenerbahçe drew with Croatia's Dinamo Zagreb 0-0 in the UEFA Europa League on Nov. 29 and both teams qualified for the last 32 round.

Croatia Urged to Revoke War Criminals’ Honours

A year after six officials from the Bosnian Croat wartime statelet of Herzeg-Bosnia were convicted in The Hague, campaigners urged Croatia’s president to revoke the honours she awarded them before the verdict.

AGERPRES exhibition 'Romania: Evolution' opens in Zagreb

The exhibition mounted by the AGERPRES National News Agency called '' Romania: Evolution'' opened on Wednesday evening in Zagreb, in the Rotonda House of Journalists, at a reception extended by the Romanian Embassy in Croatia to celebrate Romania's National Day and the centennial of its Greater Union.

Deadline Looms for Croatia Over Nuclear Waste Storage

The nuclear power plant in Krsko in Slovenia, which is half-owned by Croatia, should be a stable source of electricity for both Croatia and Slovenia by 2043.

NPP Krsko produces waste that is temporarily stored in the power plant and for almost 36 years this temporary solution has been in force.

Praljak's Courtroom Suicide Anniversary Marked in Croatia

Several events are being held in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday and Friday to commemorate the death of former Bosnian Croat general Slobodan Praljak, a year after he swallowed poison in the courtroom while the verdict finding him guilty of war crimes was being read out.

Croat Philosopher Aims to Become German MEP

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis and Croat philosopher Srecko Horvat are to run in the 2019 European Parliament elections in Germany as candidates for the radical Democracy in Europe Movement 2015, DiEM25.

Croatia To Investigate Serbian for Crimes Against Prisoners

The State Attorney's Office in Split said on Thursday that it will begin an investigation into an unnamed 72-year-old Serbian citizen accused of crimes against prisoners during the war in 1992 and 1993.

Jasenovac Camp Book Challenges Right-Wing Revisionism

Historian Ivo Goldstein launched a new study of Croatia’s Jasenovac concentration camp, challenging attempts to downplay the crimes committed there by the fascist Ustasa during World War II.

"Worst situation in 10 years"; All Serbian services on alert

The Council for National Security met, while before that, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic separately spoke with the ambassadors of Russia and China posted in Belgrade, and then with those from the EU and the US, and their "Quint" allies.

Pristina taxes Serbian goods 100%; Vucic meeting with envoys

Tanjug agency has reported this. The term "Quint" is used to represents the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, and France.

Tanjug was also told by Vucic's cabinet that a meeting of the Council for National Security has been scheduled to take place later on.

The cause for all this are "Pristina's latest measures."