All News on Social Issues in Montenegro

Montenegrins, how many of you are there? The first results of the census are known

633,158 inhabitants reside in Montenegro, it was announced at the conference.
Let's recall that in the 2011 census, Montenegro had a total population of 620,029.
The director of Monstat, Miroslav Pejovi, announced that the conditions for the publication of preliminary results had been met, and that other data would be published successively during the year.

Vucic: Kurti would not be talking the way he is without "carte blanche" support

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday evening a recent statement by Pristina's PM Albin Kurti that Srpska lista representatives in Kosovo-Metohija would "suffer and pay" was terrible but that Kurti would never have been able to say something like that without "carte blanche" support.

Belgrade and Skopje Airports ‘Hubs for Illicit Activities’: Report

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime, GI-TOC, a Geneva-based NGO, published a report on Monday warning that Balkan airports are vulnerable to organised crime and that Belgrade and Skopje airports in particular are regional hubs for illicit activities.

Picturing War: Fleeing Roma Find Refuge at Montenegro Tent Camp

In the spring of 1999, prominent Montenegrin photojournalist Stevo Vasiljevic was covering the impact of NATO's airstrikes against Yugoslavia during the Western military alliance's 78-day bombing campaign.

Montenegro Sued for Discrimination Against Same-Sex Couples

Montenegro Pride participants with a giant rainbow flag in Podgorica. Photo: BIRN/Samir Kajosevic

LGBT Forum Progress's executive director, John Barac, said that Montenegro has failed to make legal changes to allow Montenegrins in same-sex partnerships to register their marriages in their home country.

New Montenegrin Govt Awaits MPs’ Approval Amid Political Uncertainty

Prime Minister-designate Dritan Abazovic at a press conference in Podgorica. Photo: Government of Montenegro

"The government will have five priority areas of action. We will be focused on the fight against corruption, more sustainable investments, EU integration, sustainable development and environmental protection," Abazovic said.

Abazovic Promises Montenegro’s New Govt Will Hold Elections in 2023

Montenegrin Prime Minister-designate Dritan Abazovic at a press conference. Photo: Government of Montenegro

Abazovic said that the mandate of his government will be one year, and that its main task will be to prepare state institutions for next spring's early elections.

Montenegro Arrests US Fugitives Convicted in 18 Million Dollar Fraud

Montenegrin police officer on patrol in the capital Podgorica. Photo. BIRN/Samir Kajosevic

The US Justice Department said that Richard Ayvazyan, his wife, Marietta Terabelian, and his sister-in-law, Tamara Dadyan, were in detention in Montenegro. The Montenegrin Interior Ministry didn't respond to BIRN's request for arrest details by time of publication.

Montenegro Ponders Ukrainian Far-Right Group Member’s Asylum Request

Supporters of the 'Right Sector' carry portraits of their comrades killed fighting in eastern Ukraine. Photo: EPA/ROMAN PILIPEY

Since December, he has been held in a migrant shelter near the capital, Podgorica, until Montenegro's Interior Ministry decides on his request; he is on a Russian-issued international arrest warrant for allegedly smuggling strategically important resources.