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Vucic: Kurti would not be talking the way he is without "carte blanche" support

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday evening a recent statement by Pristina's PM Albin Kurti that Srpska lista representatives in Kosovo-Metohija would "suffer and pay" was terrible but that Kurti would never have been able to say something like that without "carte blanche" support.

Depardieu spends vacation in Istanbul

World-renowned French actor Gerard Depardieu has been spotted vacationing in Istanbul as he was photographed while leaving a seafood restaurant in the Beyoğlu district.

As per reports, the 73-year-old celebrity has been in Istanbul for the last five days.

Could building in US movie be copy of Slovenian architect’s work?

Ljubljana – A building appearing in a new Marvel series movie is incredibly similar to a memorial complex award-winning Slovenian architect Marko Mušič designed in Montenegro in the 1970s, the newspaper Delo reports on Saturday. The architect has mixed feelings about what could be a potential copyright infringement.

Hrastnik hosting working class film festival

Hrastnik – Hrastnik, a working-class town in central Slovenia, is hosting what is the only Slovenian labour film festival later this week with 16 screenings and a diverse accompanying programme featuring local and foreign filmmakers and advocates for worker rights.

41 countries to contest in 2022 Eurovision

Forty-one countries will compete in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, up two from this year, the European Broadcasting Union announced on Oct. 20.

Belgrade’s ‘Serbian World’ Fantasies Jeopardise Balkan Cooperation

For their part, Marusic and Haddad are decidedly optimistic about the project's significance, writing: "Coming on the heels of the breakthrough Prespa agreement between North Macedonia and Greece, initiatives like Open Balkan signal that something important, and indeed healthy, is happening on the ground: Local leaders are taking ownership of their fate and showing creativity."

BIRN Reports Nominated for Prestigious Serbian Investigative Awards

Investigations produced by nine BIRN journalists exposing alleged corruption, nepotism and malpractice within local government as well as the concealment of data about the COVID-19 death toll in Serbia have been shortlisted for the Dejan Anastasijevic Investigative Journalism Award in the online media and print media categories, the Independent Association of Journalists in Serbia, NUNS, announ

‘I Didn’t Ask’: Balkan Women Share Sexual Abuse Traumas

After several Serbian women actors launched a court case against the well-known acting teacher Miroslav "Mika" Aleksic, accusing him of raping several of his pupils, women from various former Yugoslav countries, mostly actors and artists, have started sharing their own experiences of abuse on social media, sending the message to each other that they are not alone.

From Mandela to Maradona: The Rise of the Balkan Celebrity Obit

The gesture makes Maradona the latest in a long list of global celebrities and political figures to be honored with an obituary in the Balkans, following the likes of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro, pop star Michael Jackson and actor James Gandolfini, late star of the popular US crime drama Sopranos.

Montenegro Summons Serbian Diplomat over Nationalist Singer Comment

Serbian ambassador Vladimir Bozovic outside the Foreign Ministry in Podgorica. Photo: Government of Montenegro.

Bozovic said after the meeting at the ministry he had no intention of interfering in RTCG's editorial policies.

"I respect the state of Montenegro. But like all Serbian people, I am especially sensitive about the fascist Ustasa movement," Bozovic told media.