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Serbian Flood Relief Campaign Goes Viral

At over 20 locations in Belgrade and at others all over Serbia, the Red Cross has been collecting food, clothes and other necessities for around 25,000 people evacuated from their homes after the severe flooding of recent days.

At the same time humanitarian aid is arriving from Russia, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and other countries.

Montenegrins Donate to Aid Flood-Hit Serbia

Two Interior Ministry trucks headed for Belgrade on Monday loaded with blankets, raincoats and sleeping bags, while a group of 60 volunteer blood donors also went to offer aid to people in Serbia, as people in Montenegro sought to help their neighbours deal with the flood crisis.

Montenegro dispatches troops to help Serbian flood victims

Montenegro dispatches troops to help Serbian flood victims

PODGORICA -- The Armed Forces of the Republic of Montenegro sent their troops to provide assistance to the flood-hit areas in Serbia.

This was announced on Saturday by the Montenegrin Defense Ministry.

Serbia Battles to Control Extent of Flood Disaster

Thousands of rescuers in boats and police and army in helicopters are trying to prevent further damage in the town of Obrenovac, south of Belgrade, after the Kolubara river burst its banks and flooded 90 per cent of the town.

The Interior Ministry said more than 4,000 people had been evacuated already from Obrenovac, and more requests for evacuation are coming.

Serbia receiving help from increasing number of countries

Serbia receiving help from increasing number of countries

BELGRADE -- The Slovenian government sent on Friday the assistance to Serbia for countering the floods and the aid exceeds the announced quantities.

Pro-Yugoslav Montenegrins Oppose German WWII Cemetery

Activists who campaign to uphold old Yugoslav traditions protested against the government’s plan to build a cemetery for German soldiers killed in World War II in Montenegro.

Regional countries offer assistance to Serbia

Regional countries offer assistance to Serbia

PODGORICA -- Montenegrin PM Milo Đukanović sent a telegram expressing condolences to his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vučić for the victims of floods in Serbia.

Montenegro NGO and Ruling Party Duel Over Corruption

Months of verbal warfare between local watchdog MANS and Montenegro's ruling party Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, ahead of May’s local elections in the capital, peaked on Wednesday with mutual accusations about scandals, abuse of state resources and corruption.

Serbia's Bosniaks Urged to Scrap Serbian Surnames

Esad Dzudzevic, acting head of the Bosniak National Council, BNV, in Serbia, said the council will urge members of the Bosniak [Muslim] community in Serbia to remove Serbian-sounding endings to their last names, such as "vic" and "ic".

Swedish FM: Quote about Orthodoxy "complete fake"

Swedish FM: Quote about Orthodoxy "complete fake"

BELGRADE -- Carl Bildt has rejected as false claims that he said "the biggest mistake of Putin was his return to Orthodoxy, which is worse than Islamic terrorism."

Ljajic: Tourism revenue at USD 2.5 billion

BELGRADE - The total revenue from tourism in Serbia in 2013 was USD 2.5 billion, with the foreign currency revenue at EUR 800 million, Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic said on Wednesday, adding that the data proved the vitality of that industry despite the economic crisis.

Montenegro Stages First Merllnka Gay Festival

The Merlinka festival, which has been organized in two other countries in the region since 2009, is running this year for the first time in Montenegro.

The festival is always held on International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia on May 17, which is marked all around the world.

Obama's Half-brother Arrives in Montenegro

Malik Obama, who runs a charity foundation, on Monday said it was time for the people of the Balkans to turn to one another and cooperate closely to ensure a better life.

"Neo-fascism dividing Ukrainians and Russians"

"Neo-fascism dividing Ukrainians and Russians"

PODGORICA -- Thousands of people from Montenegro and the region took part in a procession in the town of Nikšić to mark the end of an event dedicated to St. Basil of Ostrog.

Highway Will Add to Montenegro’s Debts, IMF Says

The IMF representative for Montenegro, Alasdair Scott, on Sunday said the small coastal republic will have to "refinance certain costs" in coming years after taking out a major loan to start building the Bar-Boljari highway.

At the end of last year, Montenegro’s national debt stood at 1.87 billion euro, or 56 per cent of GDP.