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Slovenia back to trade surplus as imports ease

After two years of trade deficits propped up by high imports, Slovenia once again reported a monthly surplus in February though the trade balance remains negative for the first two months of the year.

Annual inflation accelerates to 4.6% in November

Ljubljana – Slovenia’s annual inflation rate accelerated to 4.6% in November from 3% in the month before, the highest it has been since late 2008, on the back of higher prices of oil derivatives, show the latest Statistics Office data. At the monthly level prices were up by 0.7%.

Minister expects regional players to be involved in Koper-Divača track

The minister's comments on Thursday come after 2TDK, the state-run company managing the project, has decided to enter negotiations with ten of the 15 bidders that responded to an international call to tender for the main construction work, including several Chinese and Turkish companies, aside from builders from Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

The 25 best countries to live in

On November 3, the London-based research institute Legatum released its 10th annual global Prosperity Index, which evaluates countries based on a variety of factors, namely health, happiness and the economic prosperity of its inhabitants.

Bulgaria's GDP Growth Surpassed EU Average in First Quarter of 2015

According to the second estimate of Eurostat, which was released on Tuesday, Bulgaria's GDP growth surpassed the EU average in the first quarter of 2015.

The country's GDP in the first quarter of 2015 increased by 0.9 % compared to the previous quarter, while there was a 2 % growth compared to the same quarter in 2014.

Greek bond yields dip after rating boost

By John Geddie

Greek bond yields edged lower on Monday after a credit rating upgrade from Standard & Poor's, which said the country remained on track to emerge from a six-year recession.

The upgrade to B from B- late on Friday is a boost for Greece's fragile coalition government, which is hoping to escape the constraints of its EU/IMF bailout program.

Bulgaria Ranks 54th in 2014-2015 Global Competitiveness Report of World Economic Forum

Bulgaria ranks 54th out of a total of 144 countries in The Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 of the World Economic Forum.

For a third year in a row, Bulgaria has improved its score.

In the 2014-2015 edition of the report, Bulgaria outperforms a number of EU countries, including Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia and Greece.

IEP: Serbia is a safe country

NEW YORK - Serbia ranks 52nd in the Global Peace Index (GPI), produced by the New York-based Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), and is in the top 30 percent of the safest countries in the world.

Bulgaria with Second Lowest Debt-to-GDP Ratio in EU in Q1, 2014

At the end of the first quarter of 2014, Bulgaria's government debt increased by 1.4 percentage points from the last quarter of 2013 and by 2.3 pp from the first quarter of 2013, to 20.3% of the GDP, according to Eurostat.

In the last quarter of 2013 the government debt amounted to 18.9% of the GDP and in the first quarter of 2013 it stood at 18.0% of the GDP.

Top Treasury official to represent Turkey in IMF’s top board

Turkish Treasury Undersecretary İbrahim Çanakçı has been appointed International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Director, marking the first time Turkey earning the right to be directly be represented in the main governing body of the international lender.

In Serbia every 5th individual jobless

In Serbia every 5th individual jobless

In the first month of 2014 even 42,771 jobless people have registered them with the National Employment Service. That is almost 2,000 people more than in December last year.