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#Europeanelections2019/Internal Affairs Ministry: 11 sanctions issued, 2,900 lei worth of fines imposed since voting start

Since the start of the voting process this Sunday, Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) staff have imposed 11 sanctions - six warnings and five fines worth a combined 2,900 lei, Ministry spokesperson Monica Dajbog announced. Police are currently investigating six offenses. "There haven's been any special public order incidents in the six hours since the start of the voting process.

Tsvetka Karayancheva: I Voted For a United, Strong and Stable Europe

,,I voted for a united, strong and stable Europe'', told reporters after exercising her right to vote in Kardzhali, National Assembly Chairman, Tsveta  Karayancheva reported BTA.

    In her words, she has voted for  Europe of common sense rather than populism and extreme left-wing and extreme right-wing parties.

Two People Died After Plane Crash Near Ihtiman

Two men - a man and a woman, died after a small airplane crashed near Ihtiman in the direction of Chernevo. The signal was submitted around 11.30 am. The man piloted the plane and the woman was a companion.

Two ambulances were sent to the site. Emergency medics have found that the bodies of the victims have burned.

Europe Votes for EU Parliament

Voters in 21 EU countries cast ballots on Sunday as elections for the European Parliament reached a crescendo in the Western world's largest democracy.

New system to decrease truck lines at borders

A new system will be installed at Turkey's border gates to prevent lines of trucks which sometimes stretch a few kilometers, Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan has said.

High turnout of Bulgarians in Germany

High turnout in Berlin by Bulgarian citizens voting in Germany. In the Federal Republic today, they also vote for local authorities.

In Austria, elections are taking place against the backdrop of a tense domestic political environment.

Consumer groups want regulation on $1 billion annual card fees

Representatives of Turkish consumer organizations have argued that the total amount of credit card annual fees exceeds 6 billion Turkish Liras ($1 billion), demanding new regulations to end what they say is a burden on consumers' shoulders.

#EuropeanElections2019/PRO Romania's Ponta: If a lot of people turn out to vote, Romania stands to win

PRO Romania Party Chairman Victor Ponta stated on Sunday, after casting his vote at a polling station organised at the "Maria Rosetti" School in Bucharest, that Romania stands to win if a lot of electors turn out to vote. When asked by journalists about the voter turnout, he answered: "If a lot of people turn out to vote, Romania definitely stands to win.

Politicians cast their vote, urge citizens to participate

Greece's main party leaders cast their vote on Sunday's triple elections, in a poll widely seen as a vote of confidence in the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.
Forty party lists are running for Greece's 21 European Parliament seats. For the EU elections, the country is considered as one constituency, so political parties present single tickets for the entire country.

#Europeanelections2019/Internal Affairs Ministry: More than 570 multiple vote alerts, possibility of error is being considered

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) received more than 570 alerts on potential multiple vote cases and following checks, the Ministry sent the Special Telecommunications Service a notification about the possibility of error in the way the voters' ballot-casting options are being selected, Ministry spokesperson Monica Dajbog announced on Sunday.

Tsipras urges voters to consolidate economic recovery, relief measures

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is seen voting in the downtown Athens neighborhood of Kypseli during local, regional and European Parliament elections on Sunday. "This is a day of responsibility for everyone to defend the sacrifices and efforts of the Greek people… to consolidate [Greece's] economic recovery and the relief measures," he told journalists.