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PG Augustin Lazar applies for retirement

Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar has filed a retirement request with the Supreme Council of Magistrates. He confirmed the information for AGERPRES. Lazar specified that his term in office as a Prosecutor General ends on April 27. Augustin Lazar had previously applied for a new term in office as prosecutor general, but the Minister of Justice, Tudorel Toader, rejected his candidacy.

Dozens remanded in crackdown on Exarchia squats

At least 70 people have been remanded for questioning in a large-scale police operation to clear illegal squats in the downtown Athens district of Exarchia on Thursday morning.

Montenegro Tries to Ease Concerns About Expatriate Cards

A man selling Turkish flags in Istanbul, Turkey, 02 August 2018. EPA-EFE/SEDAT SUNA

The Foreign Ministry in Montenegro has tried to ease concerns expressed about the expatriate cards it is offering its large diaspora community after some ethnic Bosniaks from Montenegro now living in Turkey expressed fears that it was designed to undermine their ethnic identity.

Mirjana Markovic: How Milosevic’s Widow Evaded Justice in Serbia

In the abuse of office case, Markovic was accused of inciting Zivka Cica Knezevic, who at that time was a Serbian government secretary and a member of the government housing commission to give an apartment to Ilona Pesic, a woman who babysat Markovic's grandson.

Families of Albanian ISIS Fighters Face Long Road Home

Currently, a group of 108 women and children from Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia want to return to the Balkans from the Al Hol camp. There are a small number of ethnic Albanian families in two other camps in Syria.

Conference explores women’s independence through film

Mothers, prostitutes or independent working women... In Yeşilçam - classıc Turkish cinema - women were usually represented in cliché ways such as the ones mentioned above, rather than portraying complex women characters.

Greens miss chance for a break in Madrid

Panathinaikos wasted a great chance it created for itself for a historic break in Madrid, but eventually lost 75-72 in Game 1 of the Euroleague play-offs on Wednesday. It will have another opportunity for that on Friday.

EPO overturns OFI relegation, deducts more points from Panathinaikos

The soccer federation overturned on Wednesday two decisions that generated plenty of discussions in the last couple of months, canceling the relegation of OFI Crete for match-fixing and ruling as correctly abandoned the Panathinaikos vs Olympiakos derby, along with deducting a further two points from the Greens' tally.

Tourism has revived local labor market

There was a surplus in the Labor Ministry's Ergani hirings register at the end of March, despite the increase to the minimum wage and the abolition of the subminimum salary. The impact of tourism and seasonal employment, combined with the domination of flexible forms of labor, led to a rebound in the market after a rather poor start to the year.

SMEs pay disproportionately heavy price

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) paid a disproportionately high price compared to other businesses in Greece during the crisis. The shutdowns in this category, often referred to as the "backbone of the Greek economy," have come at a much higher rate than in the rest of the economy.

Handout talk generates concern

The government is reportedly preparing a tax relief package ahead of the general election that is set to cost the state up to 4 billion euros per annum, while industrialists are warning of a likely temporary recession for the economy in the case of an extended pre-election period.