Croatian police

Croatia Charges Rebel Serb Commander with War Crimes

Croatian police said on Thursday that they have charged an unnamed Serbian citizen, the former commander of the 7th Corps of the rebel Serb-run Army of the Republic of Serbian Krajina, with committing war crimes in today's Sibenik-Knin County from December 1992 to December 1993.

According to the police, the suspect is currently unavailable to the Croatian authorities.

Croatia Police Suspect Fatal Highway Accident Victims Were Migrants

Croatian police on Monday said they suspected the victims of a fatal motorway traffic accident in Western Slavonia were probably illegal migrants.

Four persons were killed and some 20 others injured, including the truck driver, in the accident early on Monday morning.

Croatia Charges Serb Ex-Fighters with Russian War Reporters’ Murders

Croatian police said on Tuesday that they have filed charges against two unnamed men, members of a special police unit of the Serbian Autonomous Region of Krajina, a wartime Serb rebel statelet in Croatia, for killing Russian reporters Viktor Nogin and Gennadiy Kurinnoy in September 1991.

Croatia Charges Serb Paramilitary Ex-Fighter with War Crime

Croatian police said on Tuesday that they have charged an unnamed 62-year-old former Serb paramilitary with committing a war crime in the village of Petrovci in eastern Croatia in November 1991.

"On February 15, 2021, the police filed a criminal charge against the 62-year-old suspect at the relevant County State's Attorney's Office in Osijek," a police statement said.

Abandoned Romanian Mansion Becomes ‘Base Camp’ for Afghans Heading West

"One month ago, they caught me trying to cross to Croatia on foot and sent me back to Serbia, from where I crossed to Romania," said one of the Afghans, who declined to give his name.

Speaking in a corridor strewn with rubbish, the man said he had been assaulted by Croatian police. Serbia and Romania, on the other hand, "are good," he told BIRN.