Ministry of Internal Affairs

Bulgarian Parliament Votes to Increase Police Presence at Migrant and Refugee Centers

In a decisive move, the Bulgarian Parliament has approved a measure to bolster security at all centers for migrants and refugees under the jurisdiction of the State Agency for Refugees. The decision, reached in the second reading, signifies a concerted effort to enhance safety and stability amidst growing concerns over incidents involving foreign citizens.

Migrant Relocation Initiative Launched in Sofia's Ovcha Kupel District

The process of relocating migrants from the refugee center in Sofia's Ovcha Kupel district has commenced, with the initial group of 30 individuals already transferred. Mariana Tosheva, the head of the State Agency for Refugees, confirmed this development during a session of the municipal council.

Ministry of Internal Affairs Bolsters Police Presence in Sofia Amid Safety Concerns Related to Migrants

After recent incidents in the Bulgarian capital, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced plans to bolster police presence in Sofia and other key areas. Following a meeting with Mayor Vasil Terziev and representatives of establishment branch organizations, Kalin Stoyanov, the resigned Minister of Internal Affairs, emphasized the importance of ensuring citizens' safety and tranquility.

Borissov and Peevski Propose Tough Measures to Address Migrant Security Crisis

In response to the recent crisis related to migrants, GERB and DPS leaders Boyko Borissov and Delyan Peevski have jointly introduced radical measures aimed at bolstering border security and protecting Bulgarian citizens. The proposed measures, consisting of two draft laws, were urgently submitted to the National Assembly's office.

Casual Racism in Plovdiv Region: Locals Mistake Foreign Students for Migrants

Residents of Hrabrino village (loosely translated to "Brave") in Plovdiv region found themselves in an unexpected situation when they organized a civil arrest of what they believed to be a group of refugees, only to discover later that the individuals they detained were foreign medical students innocently walking in the mountains.