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One year of Donald Trump: The administrative presidency on steroids

As President Donald Trump's first year in office comes to a close, the assessments are rolling in. Expect full reviews of the President's Twitter taunts, his low popularity, his campaign's ties to Russia, White House staff turmoil, his struggles to repeal and replace Obamacare despite GOP control of Congress, and - finally - the late-year success on major tax cut legislation. 

Alabama Chose a Democratic Senator for the First Time in 25 Years

Democrat Doug Jones, who is a former prosecutor, won the Alabama partial elections for a seat in the US Senate, AP said.

Voters in the highly conservative state, which is considered a republican fortress, have struck President Trump and have nearly wiped out Senate Republican fragile leadership.

Protester Throws Russian Flags at Trump (Video)

Demonstrators threw Russian flags at American President Donald Trump, reports CNN. 

This happened in a corridor of the US Congress building, while the head of state was going to a scheduled meeting with Senators from the Republican Party.

The demonstrator threw flags of the Russian Federation with the words:

"Trump is a traitor!"

Second Senator from the Republican Party of the US came into Confrontation with Trump

A second Senator from the Republican Party of the United States came into confrontation with President Donald Trump, world agencies said.

Jeff Flake said he would not run for a new term so he could talk freely. "It is unthinkable that someone has to stand silent in order to keep the norms that America keeps strong."