The dark prognosis of a man who predicted the war in Ukraine and Gaza; "Catastrophe"

In an interview with the Swiss newspaper Neue Zrcher Zeitung, speaking about the choice between Joseph Biden and Donald Trump in the January elections and the question of who is better for the USA and the West, he said that American voters are facing a difficult decision.
If they choose Biden, they could save the republic, but they will almost certainly lose the empire, and the stakes are almost equally high in the case of Trump's victory, Ferguson estimated.
"Another Biden term will seal the fall of America as a superpower and the end of 'Pax Americana.' On the other hand, if voters elect Trump, who has made it clear that he despises the American Constitution, they risk saying goodbye to the republic. On the other hand, they might manage to save the empire because America's enemies are much more afraid of Donald Trump than Joe Biden," Ferguson said.
On the other hand, as he says, the USA is a very stable democracy, which could certainly survive the second term of Trump.

Tanjug/AP Photo/George Walker IV

Asked what the three most disastrous decisions Trump could make if he becomes president again, Ferguson puts leaving NATO in the first place.
While Trump was president, he says, he made it clear that he views allies as "windpipes" that only take from the US and give nothing in return.
Secondly, he points out that he is sure that Ukraine would be lost with Trump in the White House, which he believes would be a disaster.
"Maybe this is already the case because the funds are blocked due to opposition in the House of Representatives. In my opinion, it would be a disaster if Ukraine loses the war against Russia. It would lead to a completely new security situation in Europe and force all European countries to significantly...

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