Korneliya Ninova

ITN Accuse Stand up BG! We are Coming of Betrayal

"Stand up. BG! We're Coming!" betrayed the people who protested last summer by saying they would not support the "There is Such a People" cabinet. This is what Toshko Yordanov of  ITN said in an interview with bTV. He added that everything that was agreed during the talks with the protest parties was actually a great management program.

Bulgaria: Everyone Love Slavi Now, But What He Is Up To?

When the wheel of post-election roulette stopped spinning instead of a fragmented and impossible-to-assemble cabinet, the second week after the vote strted with a dangerously clean horizon. For the first time in the new history of our National Assembly, a possible government can be supported by absolutely all parliamentary groups.

Last Session of 44th National Assembly Closed to Sounds of Bulgarian and EU Anthems

Today, 194 MPs attended the last session of the 44th National Assembly. Ministers were not present. A short time later, the Lawmakers were joined by Minister of Environment Emil Dimitrov-Revisoro. The floor leader of GERB Daniela Daritkova acknowledged that this term of office was not easy. She pointed to the pandemic that marked the work of the parliament.