Number of Illegal Immigrants Entering Bulgaria Via Greece Increases

The number of illegal immigrants entering Bulgaria through the border with Greece, continues to rise, Interior Ministry sources tell

The information was confirmed by the Refugee Agency.

According to its data, the number of persons, apprehended at the border with Greece was 291 since the beginning of the year. For comparison, in 2013 the number was 31.

Bulgaria Hosts Int'l Conference on Ukraine, Middle East

Risks and threats to the national, regional and global security on the Balkan Peninsula and in the Black Sea region are on the agenda of an international conference that begins Thursday.

Participants are to discuss developments in Ukraine and the offensive of Islamic State (IS) and also their impact on Bulgaria and its neighbors.

Gov't Inspectorate Confirms 'Violations' at Agency for Bulgarians Abroad

The General Inspectorate has confirmed that the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad has issued thousands of certificates of Bulgarian origin without receiving any proof of their origin.

A previous inspection showed citizens of Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia had been granted Bulgarian IDs without providing a document to certify their Bulgarian origins.