Andreas Lubitz: Brief portrait of fateful co-pilot

28-year-old Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of the fateful Germanwings flight, was a relatively inexperienced pilot, with only 630 hours of flight time.


He began working for Germanwings (a Lufthansa affiliate) since September 2013, but it is yet unknown where he flew before.


Lubitz lived with his parents in Montabaur, in the Rhineland, but also held an apartment in Dusseldorf.


He had gone to pilot school and was reportedly fascinated with the Airbus A320s since he was a child.


His dream was to pilot one of airliners, according to Facebook messages by his friends.


According to “Bild”, Lubitz was a member of the relevant pilot union for years.


However, even though nothing but his stable breathing was heard until the crash, and even though there are no links to terrorism on the surface of his background, officials are carrying out an in-depth investigate to rule out or confirm that fear.
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