An open letter to the soldier mourning his brother

Dear lieutenant colonel Mehmet Bey,

When you were holding the Turkish flag-wrapped coffin of your soldier brother, crying "Ali, Ali?"

I felt your pain deep inside of me,

You were revolting with the pain of having lost your brother.

This was the revolt of a pain that make a person forget his military status, his military uniform, the hierarchy, the commanders, etc.

When you were shouting from your heart...

Those vicious people called Ak trolls, a network of fiercely pro Justice and Development Party (AKP - Ak Party) social media users, immediately set in motion and started saying whatever came to their mouths:

They said the lieutenant colonel was Alevi,

They said the lieutenant colonel was making politics,

They said the lieutenant was from the "parallel structure" (in other words, from the Gülen movement),

They said the lieutenant was a terrorist.

Know them well. These are creatures who do not refrain from lying, from insulting in the name of politics.

Politics and power have blinded them so much they can assume someone who lost his brother and is holding his coffin can make politics.

They have become such victims of the lust for power that they can assume someone can look at the coffin of his martyred brother and say, "Let me do something that will not suit the AKP or President Tayyip Erdo?an."

This is the pathetic point they have come to...

They are creatures who cannot even comprehend the pain of a brother.

The concept called "politics" has turned them into monsters disrespectful of death, funeral, pain and revolt.

If you were facing the soldiers of an enemy army?

They would have understood you.

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