25 Shots of Instagram model Julia Gilas that will make you drool (SEXY PHOTOS)

It’s quite obvious that Instagram sensation Julia Gilas might have one the greatest bodies we’ve seen on planet Earth. Can you imagine her booty jiggle from left to right on a treadmill in tight clothes? We can hear the deep sighs now, let’s just hope in the near future she’s on live television and has some sort of wardrobe malfunction…while twerking. Here we have included photos of Julia Gilas as well as a couple of facts you may not have known about one of the hottest and well “rounded” models in the world.

Julia Gilas is a famous Ukrainian-American Fitness Model, Social Media Personality and youtuber who is best known from her activities on Social Photo sharing app Instagram. She gain huge fame from her Fitness related photos especially her butt photos, which she posts on her Instagram account. Julia has more than 3.4 millions followers on her Instagram account.


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