The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Sofia Organized a Second International Friendship Chess Tourney

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan organized the 2nd edition of the International Friendship Chess Tourney at Varna Hall, Interpred World Trade Centre, Sofia on 23rd November 2018. It may be recalled that the Embassy had held the inaugural event in February earlier this year. The cooperation of the Bulgarian Chess Federation was secured, which provided the paraphernalia for the competition while also deputing a couple of experienced arbitrators/referees to adjudge the matches.

The tournament commenced with a welcome rendition by Mr. Marwan Alex Ayyash, Charge d' Affaires. On the roster were 24 players comprising diplomats, common Bulgarians and students from a local university. Well-wishers and other observers made up the audience.

The tournament was formatted according to the Swiss system and spanned six rounds. After points were tabulated, the final game was played between Mr. Zdravko Perić hailing from the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia and Mr. Samuel Mikhelson of the Embassy of the United States of America; with the former emerging as the eventual champion.Mr. Sami Hariri,belonging to the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic, obtained 3rd position.

Upon the conclusion of the tournament, certificates and medallions were distributed among the active participants. The delegation of the Bulgarian Chess Federation was also recognized for making the event a success. It may be borne in mind that three young chess maestros attended the tournament as guest players and manifested their enormous talents in exhibition games. This enhanced the zest and zeal of the players.

An added feature at the 2nd International Friendship Chess Tourney was the introduction of one of Pakistan's favourite pastimes, Ludo. It is a boardgame played with...

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