Invest Slovenia FDI Award 2018 - Tribute to Stand-Out Performers

The royal flush of investors with the highest impact on Slovenia's economic growth for 2018 includes RLS, Fraport Slovenija, Bosch Rexroth and cargo-partner. These limited liability companies are registered in Slovenia, employ at least 50 people, their value-added per employee is at least EUR 35,000, they are sound and profitable, have no overdue tax debts and their 12-month credit rating is stable.

Rotary and Linear Motion Sensors or RLS d.o.o., Komenda, the winner in the category of research and development orientation and excellent business results, specialises in the design and manufacture of magnetic encoders and components for industrial clients worldwide . The company continues to upscale the business to realise its full potential as demonstrated by a revenue rise of 18% in 2017 to EUR 21m, and EUR 99,000 in value-added per employee. The fact that...

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